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  • Engine Upgrade: The most significant part of the conversion is replacing the original engine of the MD 520N with a more powerful engine that is used in the MD 530N model. This engine upgrade improves the performance and capabilities of the helicopter.
  • Maximum Gross Takeoff Weight (MGTOW) Increase: Along with the engine upgrade, the MGTOW may be increased. This allows the helicopter to carry a higher payload or additional fuel, enhancing its operational flexibility.
  • Enhanced Performance: The upgraded MD 530N configuration typically results in improved performance metrics, such as higher cruise speeds, better climb rates, and increased maximum range.
  • Avionics and Systems: Some avionics and systems may also be updated to match the features found in the MD 530N model.

Summary of MD 520N to MD 530N Conversion and MD 530F Maximum Gross Take Off Weight (MGTOW) Upgrade:

MD 520N to MD 530N Conversion:

  • MD Helicopters is working on an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) project to certify the use of a Rolls Royce 250-C30 engine in the MD 520N, which has the MDH patented NOTAR tailboom.
  • The STC certification is expected to be completed by the end of 2023.
  • The upgrade will significantly enhance the MD 520N’s hot-high performance and reduce maintenance costs.
  • The new engine offers benefits like increased power, improved performance, and cost savings for MD 520N NOTAR operators.
  • MDH will license a select number of MDH Authorized Service Centers worldwide to perform the upgrade.
  • Benefits of the -C30 engine upgrade at 4,700 ft density altitude include increased hover capability, 15% more available SHP (Shaft Horsepower) on a hot day, and a 15% increase in TOT (Turbine Outlet Temperature) margins.
  • Once approved, upgrade kits will be made available to the authorized service centers, with each upgrade expected to take one to two months to complete.

MD 530F Maximum Gross Take Off Weight (MGTOW) Upgrade:

  • MDH is offering its MD 530F MGTOW Upgrade to all MD 530F model helicopter operators to enhance customer support and service.
  • The MGTOW will increase from 3,100 to 3,350 lbs, resulting in improved capacity and flexibility for the aircraft.
  • The upgrade is an internal weight increase, with VNE (Never Exceed Speed) reaching 150 knots.
  • The maximum external load gross weight, minimum flying weight, and center of gravity will remain unchanged.
  • The upgrade includes a new rotorcraft flight manual (RFM) supplement and a VNE IAS (Indicated Airspeed) placard reflecting the increased MGTOW for display in the aircraft.
  • Any MDH Authorized Service Center can perform the upgrade, and it could be completed in less than a month from request, depending on service center workload availability.

These upgrades are part of MD Helicopters’ commitment to strengthening and supporting their line of helicopters and providing improved performance and capabilities to their customers.

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